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Every metropolitan business area has networking groups that meet to generate leads and contacts. Professional Network Connections (PNC) offers our members benefits they won’t find in other groups. We have a growing network that is not driven by rules, understanding that each team has its own personality. Because we operate as a team with only one member per business category and we keep our membership small, we are able to understand each member’s business needs and connect them, not just pass a name. Visit a team and see how networking should be done.

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New teams are starting and we need quality net-workers. Businesses look for people that are connected and can offer more than just their business services. Being a leader, you earn reoccurring commission from each member when they join and renew. Starting a network is simple. There are three officers that are needed to run a networking team (President, VP of Education and VP of Membership). Once the officer positions are filled we can schedule special training and plan a launch date for building a strong new referral network bringing value to the entire business community.


Professional Network Connections (PNC) is business networking with a team approach. We believe in smaller teams that allow us to build trust and know each member’s business well. PNC is now expanding into new states and we are looking for leaders that understand the importance of networking as well as teamwork. Are you a strong leader that networks naturally? Do you want to build a strong team and be the leader of business in your area? Then contact us.

Our network is growing in a variety of industries. We want you to start a network in your area and change the way you conduct and look at business forever.


“I am often asked by clients about networking opportunities in the upstate to grow their business. And I always tell them to talk with my PNC contact and visit a PNC group to find out if it is a fit for their business. If you want to grow your business through networking in the upstate, give them a call and visit a PNC group. It might be the boost that you are looking for.”

Russ Davis, Sandler Training

I always recommend to my clients in transition that they need a strong networking campaign to make the right connections. Professional Network Connections is a must if they plan on landing a job in the upstate or if they simply want to advance their business endeavors.

Myles Golden, Golden Career Strategies

Veteran Owned Business