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Professional networking, lead sharing, word-of-mouth marketing, and educational groups


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Professional Network Connections was created to revolutionize networking to new, world class standards.  By  understanding that different industries have special networking needs, with certain sets of participants, clients, and vendors, while still needing supplies and services from other industries. Debbie Griffith-Brown, CEO of Professional Network Connections, set out to satisfy this need.
As a result we now have separate networks for:


Christian Business


Evening Business


Women in Business

Residential & Commercial Services
Executive Women's






Marine Trade


Hospitality & Entertainment

Young Professionals

Holistic Health & Wellness

Educational Partners

Green Commercial

Green Residential

Manufacturing Services


Men's Business

Virtual National Sales

Networks have been established in South Carolina for over seven years.  We currently have Networks in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.  Any city across the United States can now have one or more Networks.  For additional information about starting a Network please call 864.990.3273.

While a member is personally involved in one network which is limited to one person/company per classification, that same member has access to all members in their state through various meetings, events, and electronic media.  Members have access to an impressive array of business contacts and tools.

Each network offers networking, business relationship building, and industry specific educational topics.  Each meeting is open for visitors to attend to help them determine if this is the right group for them.  (note:  Visitors are only allowed one visit).  This is due to the high level of networking that takes place at that meeting and allows our members time to get to know their fellow members on a more personal level.  By developing a business relationship with other members they receive a higher dollar level of leads and referrals.

Professional Network Connections offers joint network meetings between two or more Networks, open network meetings where the non-member business community can get involved, to special events where members receive a significant discount to participate.  With over 1,000 members some events such as plant tours, special speakers, etc. may only be opened to the members of Professional Network Connections. 

Members have access to our Exclusive Mail Marketing Link, an advertising tool so they can promote their products and services to all members.
Thank you for visiting our website and allowing us to share an exciting new approach to business networking.
For more information call 864.990.3273 or send an email to .