Manufacturer Network Group: Greenville Chapter

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Meeting Features and Benefits: PNC offers more than the typical networking experience; our meetings are go beyond frenzied of handshakes, cluttering business cards, and repetitive greetings. On the contrary, each PNC event invites an exclusive group of industry professionals to build genuine relationships and business connections.

At two hours in length, PNC’s bi-monthly meetings allow influencers and leaders in the manufacturing industry to share leads while gaining trust and familiarity. All members in attendance have plenty of time to introduce themselves to the group and promote their business, but PNC dedicates the remaining time to collaboration. Parties honestly discuss aspects they value when searching for leads, and companies explore new ways to mutually benefit each other.

Leave cold calls in the past, and generate warm leads as a valued part of the PNC manufacturing network group. Trust, reciprocity, professionalism, attendance, and outreach are our core values. Unlike some lead generating groups which seem to lose their shine after a few months of involvement, PNC prides itself on consistently delivering value to its partners.

We do business intel to gather info on companies in Greenville, and build connections that mutually benefit the group as a whole. We also scope out new businesses, and companies that are new to the area in order to see if they are a good fit for PNC. In fact, we selectively integrate new businesses so as not to saturate the PNC network with any one company classification. Our current lineup of valuable members include accounting firms, law offices, packaging, utility assessment, contractors, tech startups, and many more. We pride ourselves on offering the diversity of skills necessary to spur growth and foster future partnerships.

Like LinkedIn, PNC’s software offers members the exclusive ability to request connections with other team members in PNC. The intimate, closed nature of our manufacturing network group creates a strong bond between its driven professionals, and this bond builds trust between their respective companies. Business owners have the opportunity to join our presidents club that meets once a month to give owners a place to discuss business concerns and personal matters surrounding their growth. 

Paul Pappy

“PNC has opened a lot of doors for building our business. My manufacturers’ Team connects me with quality people with the same professional objectives. We’ve built trust, friendship, and are very comfortable referring to each other.”
-Paul Pappy, President Sonfast Corporation

Core Values: Our mission at PNC is simple. We strive to operate a professional manufacturing network group that makes finding referrals and onboarding new clients easier. By creating small teams of qualified industry leaders, we believe it is possible to generate new leads naturally. That’s why our memberships are never contingent on a partner’s ability to bring in some preset number of leads. Quality triumphs over quantity, and we understand the best clients may take time to acquire.

By committing to an annual membership through PNC, industry leaders and influencers promise to uphold values that depict the fundamentally ethical character of the group as a whole. Trust is foundational to the relationships our entrepreneurs and hardworking professionals build with each other. Because of the mutual respect our members share, companies feel comfortable lending access to large clients, referring strong team members, and discussing weaknesses that need to be improved.

Beyond trust, PNC members honor the concept that those who receive should also contribute. Reciprocity matters, and our team members are serious about helping each other generate new leads and gain relevant referrals as often as possible. The group thrives on collaboration and partnerships which create success for all.

Rest assured, referrals made through our network are not taken lightly. Instead, they are held in the highest regard as our professional members know their response to a potential lead will reflect back based on how they follow up. 

Business related to PNC should always be conducted in a professional manner, and members are encouraged to follow up on any leads they receive as promptly as possible for best results and proper etiquette.

Additionally, consistent attendance is critical to success within the group. Members who neglect meetings or refuse to take advantage of PNC software systems cannot expect to take full advantage of the networking community’s exchange of leads or advice. By becoming a part of PNC, business owners and employees commit to attending at least 75% of all group events. Each small team meets twice monthly which amounts to about 24 meetings each year.

We take pride in our teams and the growth our partnering companies have enjoyed as a result of their involvements with PNC, so it only makes sense that we would be excited to invite new members to join our cause. Our manufacturing network group encourages existing companies to recruit new members and to conduct their business deals with honesty and integrity as our partners’ reputations reflect the character of PNC on a daily basis.

Considering Membership: Are you a CEO or executive looking to expand your company’s horizons? Be a part of one of PNC’s round table events, and talk to industry leaders and influencers about potential strategies to boost your business’ productivity and sales. Gain advice on ways to cut costs, acquire new customers, and more. Join the conversation, and take the time to truly connect with movers and shakers who can help your business perform better than you ever imagined.

At the end of this meeting, we promise you’ll have more than a bunch of names and email addresses. You’ll have the beginnings of lifelong partnerships, and you can expect one of our members to reach out about joining PNC because we diligently recruit the best people in the Upstate to represent PNC.

Let’s schedule a time to get you personally connected with one of our group leaders. Better yet, check out our event calendar and find a date that works for you! Visit one of our highly qualified and collaborative teams, and you’ll be hooked. Even sales associates can benefit from our networking experience by interacting with upper level executives and gleaning tips and tricks from professionals at other companies. Whatever your title, PNC guarantees that out manufacturing network group offers the personal career building experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us with any questions you might have, and get on the path to membership and success today! 

(864) 990-3273