• Paul Pappy

    “PNC has opened a lot of doors for building our business. My manufacturers’ Team connects me with quality people with the same professional objectives. We’ve built trust, friendship, and are very comfortable referring to each other.”
    -Paul Pappy, President Sonfast Corporation

  • "If you’re ready to grow your network and your business, join PNC. I’m forming personal relationships with my team members, building trust and looking for referrals for everyone. I know the more I give the more I will receive. I’ve already found four new clients and looking forward to helping and growing with my Team”
    -Ivan Armstrong The Entrepreneur’s Guide

  • “My experience as a PNC member has been nothing short of wonderful. Not only have I gained new business and great networkers advertising my business but most of all I’ve gained great friends.
    -Tracee Anderson, CPA

  • “PNC has helped take my networking skills to the next level. I enjoy sharing leads, building relationships, and supporting each other’s businesses. My team members have a genuine interest in my success and I have connected me with some great people!”
    -Joe Holcomb Internal Financial Solutions