Why Join Professional Network Connections (PNC)?

  • PNC is an invitation-only, member-managed organization of elite networking teams across the South East.
  • Because loyalty is imperative, only one business classification is invited to join each team.
  • New membership software gives members access to team data and the ability to request a connection with other PNC members.  It is like a closed LinkedIn network just for our members!
  • The teams are designed to be small in order to build trust and give time to learn the unique qualities of each member’s business.
  • Our focus is on networking and connecting rather than the reporting and pageantry that some Teams live by.
  • It is not mandatory to bring leads to the team–they come naturally.
  • Business owners can join our "Presidents Club" to process issues and opportunities.

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Our Values

  • Trust
  • Reciprocity
  • Professionalism
  • Regular Attendance
  • Outreach

Learn More About Our Values

Thank you for considering membership in Professional Network Connections.  We are a close-knit group of professionals committed to building meaningful relationships with each other that help us grow our businesses.



How It Works

Our meetings are typically 1.5 hours and we spend time getting to know each other and build trust.

Networking follows as each member gives a short 30-60 second commercial.

The majority of the meeting is spent white-boarding, where each member describes what constitutes a good lead and what companies they are trying to work with.