How can PNC help my business?

As a president or C-Level decision maker, you are invited to an Executive Round Table event to learn about ways to help your business perform at its best, offer
better benefits or cut cost. Around the table are the best in the upstate. Take your time and interact with each member to learn how they can help. At the end
just check off the names of the people you want to connect with and only those will reach out to you. Our members recruit the best people in the upstate to
represent their teams. Let us schedule a time to learn more about you and your business by inviting you to our next Executive Round Table. And, if you need a
place for your salespeople to connect and perform at their best, maybe one of our teams would be a good fit.

How can PNC help me as a salesperson?

  • People new to the area can connect with salespeople that are knowledgeable about the upstate or have lived here for years with great connections.
  • We have Lunch and Learn topics that provide useful tools and tips as well as the opportunity to meet members and guests.
  • Occasionally topics of concern like changes in healthcare, infrastructure, shortage of employee candidates and more are discussed with local decision-makers at the Commerce Club.
  • A monthly After Hours event allows members to cross network and connect as a larger team.

Our networking team is like nothing you have experience anywhere else. If you think you would be a good fit, start by checking out our values. If what we stand for aligns with what you represent, then you can find a team to visit on our calendar. Take the next step in your professional growth and join a serious networking team by selecting “Ready To Join Our Team?”.


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